Preparations To Make Moving Easier For Your Children

If you recall one of the most difficult parts of your childhood, probably you will consider moving house as one of them. Imagine seeing the world around you change in just a matter of days. Things are being packed up. There is chaos everywhere. Your favorite place is now changed. For a toddler who has no idea about what is happening, this seems to be the end of the world as he knows it. That is why moving can be extremely stressful for children.

Even though the stress and difficulties cannot be avoided, there are some ways to minimize it. Some of such ways will be presented in this article.

Like in most activities, preparation is the key for a smooth and successful move.

You have to start preparing for the move, few weeks or even months before the moving day. Let your kids know about your plan to move, don’t leave them in the dark. Explain to them what will happen, why it is necessary and where you are going. Also, assure them that everything will be just fine.

Give your children a tour

If possible, tour them around your new home and your neighborhood. If it is not possible due to the distance, have a virtual tour instead. Show them pictures around the house, where will be their room and how it will look like. You can also use Google map and street view to tour them around the neighborhood. Show your kids the places that might interest them and matters to them. For example, recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds. Companies such as movers in Orange Park, Florida can give you tips about points of interest about your neighborhood, especially if it is within Florida.

Tell stories

Mental and emotional preparation will also help your kids a lot. Tell them stories about the time you moved when you were a kid. Tell them the fun and good things that happened, and yes, even the bad experiences just to set their expectations. Of course, you have to be careful when telling your negative experience so as not to scare them.

Throw a party

If your children have close friends in your current neighborhood, throw a “farewell” or rather, “see you again” party. This is part of the reassurance that you will give to your kids that moving will not be the end of everything.

Now that you got the mental and emotional side of things taken care of, you have to handle the physical tasks which are packing and arranging things.

Sort things out

You can’t bring everything to your new home. At least it won’t be economically wise. Throughout the years, you might have accumulated a lot of things. As unfortunate as it is, you have to let some of your stuff go. Sort out the things that you need. For the rest, either sell, donate, or recycle them.

Hire professionals

Depending on the amount of item you have, it can be more practical to hire professionals. For example, I know movers near me provides packing service. This will give you more time for your kids. Even though you will hire packing service, this doesn’t mean that your kids can no longer participate in the tasks. Let your kids do some work such as choosing the things that they will bring with them. Have them put their things in the box and let them label the box.

Prepare the basic necessities

You’ve got everything ready and now the moving day is approaching. One of the preparations you need to do a day before the move is food and drinks. Kids tend to get hungry easily, and it is not good for them to skip meals.

Also, prepare the things that you immediately need such as a blanket and utensils. Put them in a storage box or bag where you can easily pull them out.

These are just some of the things that you can do to make your move easier for you and your kids. We will have more articles that will discuss other tips and preparations that you can easily do.

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